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The Challenge Rules Are
Super Easy . . .
Super Easy
1. Join The Challenge By Entering Your Name & Email Above.
2. Join The 7-Day Water Challenge Group on Facebook 
3. Drink At Least 64 oz. of Water Daily or Half Your IDEAL Body Weight in Ounces.
4.  Be Active In The 7-Day Water Challenge Facebook Group, AND Post Your Results Publicly On Social Media by tagging the group @7 Day Water Challenge
 at least one time.

*In order for posts to be considered public, they need to be made outside of the 7-Day Water Challenge group.

When You Are
Not Hydrated:
  • ​Lack of Energy
  •  Confusion & Lack of Mental Clarity 
  •  Increased Irritability & Anxiety
  •  Fatigue
  •  Dry Skin 
  •  Dizziness 
  •  Headache & Muscle Aches
  •  Digestive Issues & Constipation
  •  Overeating & Food Cravings 
  •  Slow Metabolism & Weight Gain
When You
Are Hydrated:
  • ​Increased Energy 
  •  Improved Digestion & Flush Out Toxins
  •  Helps Prevent Bad Breath 
  •  Helps Regulate Body Temperature & Comfort 
  •  Reduces Headaches & Muscle Aches 
  •  Clearer, More Youthful Looking Hair, Skin, & Nails 
  •  Speed Up Metabolism 
  •  Weight Loss
 *NOTE: Drink at least 64 oz per day or drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day to still qualify.
NOTE: Be sure to space your water intake out evenly throughout the day. Please consult your physician before starting this challenge.
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